The new book: Web Operations

Web Operations
At the Velocity Conference last year, I was talking to Mike Loukides from O’Reilly about the topics being presented and how it was so great to see such successful veterans of the field come out from behind the curtain and share their experiences. Mike said that there was interest in doing a book on the (obviously) broad subject of web operations, in a format similar to the Beautiful books that O’Reilly has in their Theory in Practice series.

Needless to say, I jumped at the chance to help out. Over the following months, Jesse Robbins and I wrangled a bunch of topics we thought were integral to the field and authors who could cover them. It’s in the final stages of being published as we speak, but I think it came out pretty damn good.

These folks cranked out great chapters while still doing their day jobs, and it shows. It’s a great collection of war stories, advice, and hard-earned lessons.

Here is a list of the chapters:

“The Web Ops Career Path” Theo Schlossnagle
“Cloud Computing At Picnik: Lessons Learned” Justin Huff
“Infrastructure and Application Metrics” Matt Massie and myself
“Continuous Deployment” Eric Ries
“Infrastructure as Code” Adam Jacob
“Monitoring” Patrick Debois
“How Complex Systems Fail” Dr. Richard Cook
“Community Management and Web Operations” Heather Champ
“Dealing With Unexpected Traffic Spikes” Brian Moon
“Dev and Ops Cooperation and Collaboration” Paul Hammond
“How Your Visitors Feel: User-Facing Metrics” Alistair Croll and Sean Power
“Relational Database Strategy and Tactics For The Web” Baron Schwartz
“The Art and Science of Postmortems” Jacob Loomis
“Managing Web Storage” Anoop Nagwani
“Nonrelational Datastores” Eric Florenzano
“Agile Infrastructure” Andrew Clay Shafer
“Things That Go Bump In The Night (And How To Sleep Through Them)” Michael Christian

Royalties from the sales will go to the national 826 Valencia organization, which is dedicated to supporting students ages 6 to 18 with their writing skills. They do this by offering free drop-in tutoring at eight different locations around the country, as well as special events, student publishing, and scholarships.


  1. Mikhail Panchenko   •  

    That’s quite the lineup. Looking forward to grabbing this one!

  2. Mark Nottingham   •  

    Cool! Will we be able to buy it at Velocity this year?

  3. allspaw   •     Author

    Mark: that’s the plan…to have it in print for the conference. 🙂

  4. shanan   •  

    Congrats John. You’ve got some great contributors in there.

  5. Fran   •  

    Chapter list looks promising. Looking forward to get it at Velocity (at a discount, I hope 😉

  6. Ernest Mueller   •  

    I’m sitting here eyeballing my Safari account just waiting for it! (Release date says tomorrow… Oh please, oh please)

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