We’re hiring ops folks at Etsy!

We’re hiring web ops engineers at Etsy.  Here’s the gist of it….


  • Building and maintaining Etsy’s infrastructure, from installed iron to production
  • Taking part in a 24×7 on-call rotation
  • Tightly cooperating and collaborating with development, product, community and customer care


  • Experience with configuration management systems and concepts (Chef, Puppet, Cfengine, etc.)
  • Experience in systems programming and general scripting tasks (perl, bash, php, python, etc.)
  • Experience with high-volume web applications with social components
  • Experience with multi-datacenter architectures, global fault tolerance, and CDNs
  • Experience with fault-tolerant replication strategies
  • Experience with mission-critical search and realtime database architectures (Solr, Lucene, MySQL, Mongodb, Postgres, etc.)
  • Experience working with customizing network management systems and monitoring tools (Nagios, Ganglia, Graphite, Cacti, etc.)
  • Strong understanding of web application architecture, including TCP/IP and HTTP, and caching strategies at all layers
  • Support of software engineers and their development environment and code repository (Subversion), including code deployment to production
  • Enterprise experience with internal core systems, such as but not limited to DNS, LDAP, NTP
  • Experience with data center management, including strong knowledge of power, space, and cooling issues
  • Experience with credit card gateways and PCI compliance issues
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal


  • Experience in a “continuous deployment” environment
  • Experience in social networking or community-generated content
  • Experience with managing the infrastructure for a growing open API
  • Database query optimization
  • Hands-on network security tasks, including VPNs/firewalls configuration
  • Network experience with BGP, EIGRP, OSPF, VLAN, PVLAN,Spanning-Tree, MSTI
  • Knowledge of programming languages such as Python, PHP, JAVA, Ruby

This is a great place to work. We work on real problems, and there’s plenty of juicy technology to sink your teeth into.


  1. Karl Katzke   •  

    Heh. Apparently, Jobvite should be hiring some ops people as well, because that invite (and all of the other ones I had from other places) ended up at a 404.

  2. Loran Lobdell   •  

    John Allspaw! How are you!? If you see this, please write! Loran

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