Loving Dashboard Spy.

I’m probably very late to this party, but I just discovered Dashboard Spy. Given the amount of “data porn” that folks in webops look at on a daily basis, this sort of stuff is pretty damn interesting.

I’m especially loving the current trend of developing ‘business’ dashboards, since it can fit in quite nicely with infrastructure statistics. Quite often when I need to make capacity justifications, I pull forecasts from both the higher-level metrics (i.e. photos uploaded) and the lower-level metrics (i.e. disk space consumed by photos) and have to marry those two bits together.

In fact, I love that stuff so much that I’m writing a book about it. 🙂


  1. The Dashboard Spy   •  

    Thanks for the mention of The Dashboard Spy. The party has just gotten started. I’ve collected over 1000 business dashboard screenshots so far at Dashboards By Example. There are some infrastructure-related dashboards but I’d love some more examples if you have any. Regards The Dashboard Spy. PS. Keep up the great work on your blog. I love the gauges in your banner graphic.

  2. Paul   •  

    “…I’ve collected over 1000 business dashboard screenshots so far at Dashboards By Example…”

    The ‘Dashboards By Example’ URL above is incorrect – it points to a domain up for sale, I believe you want people to go to http://www.enterprise-dashboard.com


  3. allspaw   •     Author

    Ah! I could have sworn that was ok when I originally posted it. :/ Thanks Paul.

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