Flickr’s hiring a dba.

(Only hardworking supernerds should apply)

We’re looking for an experienced and motivated MySQL DBA to help make things go at Flickr.

Stuff you’ll do:
– Work with engineers on performance tuning, query optimization, index tuning.
– Monitor databases for problems and to diagnose where those problems are.
– Work with developers and operations to maintain a scalable, reliable, and robust database environment.
– Build database tools and scripts to automate where possible.
– Support MySQL databases for production and development.
– Provide 24×7 escalated on-call support on a pager rotation.

Smarts and experience you’ll need:
– 3-4+ years MySQL experience.
– 2+ years of experience as a MySQL DBA in a high traffic, transactional environment.
– 2+ years working in a LAMP environment, particularly PHP/MySQL
– Proficient with database performance strategies.
– Proficient tuning MySQL processes and queries.
– Experience in administration of InnoDB
– Experience with MySQL Replication, with both Master-Slave and Master-Master replication.
– Ability to work cooperatively with software engineers and system administrators.
– Excellent communication skills
– Exceptional problem-solving expertise and attention to detail.
– BS in Computer Science or equivalent.

Super Nerdy Bonus Points For:
– Experience with Data Sharding and federated architectures.
– Experience with multi-datacenter MySQL replication.
– Experience working in a social media environment.

Ok ? Now, send me your resume!


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  2. Domas Mituzas   •  

    Hello, you can get lots of engineers from Yahoo, now that they’re merging with MS and going to switch to MS technology!.. Oh wait.. Uhm… Nevermind… 🙂

    P.S. Sorry, couldn’t resist. And I still have a tab open 😉

  3. allspaw   •     Author

    Nice, Domas. 🙂

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