Squid patch for making “time” stats more meaningful.

Thanks to Mark, squid’s got a patch I’ve been wanting for a gazillion years: time-to-serve statistics that don’t include the client’s location http://www.squid-cache.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=2345 Normally, squid’s kept statistics that included the “time” to serve an object, whether it be a HIT, MISS, NEAR HIT, etc. The clock starts for this time when the first headers are
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Flickr’s hiring a dba.

(Only hardworking supernerds should apply) We’re looking for an experienced and motivated MySQL DBA to help make things go at Flickr. Stuff you’ll do: • Work with engineers on performance tuning, query optimization, index tuning. • Monitor databases for problems and to diagnose where those problems are. • Work with developers and operations to maintain
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Varnish and the state of web caching

So there’s lots of excitement around Varnish, which is a caching proxy that is built to be first and foremost a reverse-proxy, as opposed to squid, which does both forward and reverse. Acceleration (reverse-proxying) is obviously important to us at Flickr, as we use squid extensively.