1. Tom Allender   •  

    Quad-code boxes or chips? (can you even get quad-core AMD chips?)

    Anyhow, that graph is super.

  2. allspaw   •     Author

    yeah…the old boxes were dual CPU, and the new ones are dual quad CPUs. 🙂

  3. Bob Plankers   •  

    Not only more performance per machine, but fewer parts to fail, fewer warranties and licenses to pay for, fewer OSes to patch, etc. Very cool.

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  5. Datto   •  

    Could you confirm that you have dual quad-core CPUs inside your HP DL145 G3 servers? Which CPU model of quad-core CPUs do you have? Did you need a BIOS hack to get that to work with quad-core CPUs? Some of us with DL145 G3 servers haven not been able to get dual quad-core CPUs to boot with the latest BIOS in place for the DL145 G3 servers. Thanks.


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