Flickr’s hiring a dba.

(Only hardworking supernerds should apply)

We’re looking for an experienced and motivated MySQL DBA to help make things go at Flickr.

Stuff you’ll do:
• Work with engineers on performance tuning, query optimization, index tuning.
• Monitor databases for problems and to diagnose where those problems are.
• Work with developers and operations to maintain a scalable, reliable, and robust database environment.
• Build database tools and scripts to automate where possible.
• Support MySQL databases for production and development.
• Provide 24×7 escalated on-call support on a pager rotation.

Smarts and experience you’ll need:
• 3-4+ years MySQL experience.
• 2+ years of experience as a MySQL DBA in a high traffic, transactional environment.
• 2+ years working in a LAMP environment, particularly PHP/MySQL
• Proficient with database performance strategies.
• Proficient tuning MySQL processes and queries.
• Experience in administration of InnoDB
• Experience with MySQL Replication, with both Master-Slave and Master-Master replication.
• Ability to work cooperatively with software engineers and system administrators.
• Excellent communication skills
• Exceptional problem-solving expertise and attention to detail.
• BS in Computer Science or equivalent.

Super Nerdy Bonus Points For:
• Experience with Data Sharding and federated architectures.
• Experience with multi-datacenter MySQL replication.
• Experience working in a social media environment.

Ok ? Now, send me your resume!


  1. Hello, you can get lots of engineers from Yahoo, now that they’re merging with MS and going to switch to MS technology!.. Oh wait.. Uhm… Nevermind… 🙂

    P.S. Sorry, couldn’t resist. And I still have a tab open 😉

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