Agile Executive Podcast

Yesterday I was on a podcast with Andrew Shafer and Michael Coté, and we talked about development and operations cooperation. I rambled a bit, like I tend to do.

Andrew brought up something that’s disturbing, and I’ve seen elsewhere, which is that after seeing our presentation last year at Velocity, some folks decided that we somehow gave an endorsement to the idea of pushing your code whenever you want, and let the ‘ops guys’ deal with whatever comes as a result. Which isn’t at all what we suggested, and pretty much against the ideas of cooperation and communication between the dev and ops teams. I talk a bit about this in the podcast.

You have to prove that pushing whenever you want is an ok (safe, secure, etc.) thing to do. And the minute you can’t prove it, and you decide to continue that way….IMHO: you’re doing it wrong. 🙂