Speaking at Web2.0 Expo 2009

Looks like I’m gonna talk about even more nerdy things at the Web2.0 Expo in April.

You don’t have to wait for a recession to tighten up your operations. Squeezing more oomph out of your servers (or instances!) is always a good thing, and streamlining how you handle site issues is too. We’ll will talk about what we’ve been doing at Flickr to get more out of less from both our machines and our humans.

Capacity Hacks: diagonal scaling, tuning opportunities, and some other stupid performance tricks.

Ops “runbook” Hacks: Server and process self-healing, application-level measurement, ops communication tools, and some worst-case scenario tricks to have in your back pocket.


  1. Richard Crowley   •  

    Sweet! Any chance you could do an encore at Velocity so I don’t have to pay for Web 2.0 Expo? 🙂 I am specifically interested in the slide(s) about what’s changed since you wrote the book.

  2. allspaw   •     Author

    Rich: sort of…will talk at Velocity, but on a different topic. 🙂

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