2009 Velocity Conference submissions are open!

The CFP for next year’s Velocity Conference is up now, so all you ops and performance ninjas submit your ideas for talks.

I’m lucky enough to be on the program committee this year, and I think the conference is a huge opportunity to spread the ops love on all kinds of topics. There’s a list on the O’Reilly page to get you thinking about what might make for a good submission:

– How to tie web performance and operations to the bottom line
– Real-world incident management — getting “tight like a pit crew”
– Making websites as fast and reliable as desktop apps
– Networking, DNS, and load balancing
– Profiling’s not just on the backend: JavaScript, CSS, and the network
– Managing web services — flaming disasters you survived and lessons learned
– The intersection between performance and design
– Wicked cool (and actionable) metrics
– Ads, ads, ads — the performance killer?
– Troubleshooting in production
– How to scale and be fast on the social web
– Capacity planning and load testing
– Establishing performance and operations best practices within your organization
– Configuration management best (and worst) tools and practices
– Monitoring and instrumentation: Open Source, as a service, commercially supported solutions
– Using multiple CDNs to improve customer experience and reduce cost

Think for a minute: Do you have a bunch of sweet ops hacks that you’re really proud of? Do you and your dev teams collaborate on making things easy to manage? Do you face unique challenges that others don’t which ops folks can learn from?

If so, don’t be lame: submit a proposal!

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