This just in: *anything* having to do with servers is a “cloud”! Yay!

From this article on BusinesWeek:

In addition, through its Data Center Solutions Group, Dell builds clouds, the large groups of computers whose collective power can be tapped remotely, via the Internet. Customers for DCS-built clouds include Yahoo! (YHOO), Facebook, and Akamai (AKAM) as well as big Chinese Internet companies like Baidu (BIDU), Tudou, Tencent Holdings, and Youku.

and also this article about Ebay’s new Project Echo:

eBay joins social networking site Facebook and online customer relationship management provider in offering the former type of cloud computing – their online development platforms relate specifically to their respective applications.

Apparently, if you have servers, in a data center, somewhere, connected to the internet, you have a “cloud” that is part of the new evolution of unicorn and rainbow-powered magic. If you have an API, then even more so!

Please, people: not everything worth mentioning is part of a cloud. Ugh.


  1. Christian Winther   •  


    I have a cloud or two at home too… I dont hope they contain any water 😉

  2. Mark Nottingham   •  

    Oh yeah, because I *want* to use some crappy software that some vendor put together to help them sell more boxes…

    What’s up with that section’s title (“OVERCOMING A ROCKY RECENT PAST”)?

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