Need some FUDforum consulting done

I’ve been helping out a friend for some years with running a decent-size discussion forum. It’s running on a little (512mb of RAM) dedicated server and it’s outgrown the box it’s on. It needs to move to a new machine, which is all ready to take it.

Problem is, it’s in a twisty-maze of dependencies. It’s running FUDforum 2.6.4RC1, on MySQL 3.23, on RedHat 9 (!). It needs to somehow get backed up, moved, and upgraded to latest FUDforum (3.0.0) and MySQL 5, on the new machine.

It’s not 100% straightforward, needs someone who’s done this before, and someone who isn’t me, because of the new job and all.

If you know someone who can help out, please email me where my email address is jallspaw which is located on a server whose domain name is


UPDATE: I found a guy.  And he’s great with FUDForum. Excellent!  Thanks all those who emailed!

I like making things go! At the moment, I'm SVP of Infrastructure and Operations at Etsy, and I'm currently pursuing a Master's degree in Human Factors and Systems Safety at Lund University.

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