Making a site faster by removing machines

(well, not really)

A little while ago, in one of our clusters we replaced a boatload of PowerEdge 1425 webserver-class boxes with a much smaller number of HP DL145 G3 quad-core boxes, getting the same amount of oomph from 1/3 the boxes. Not too bad.

5 Comments Making a site faster by removing machines

  1. Tom Allender

    Quad-code boxes or chips? (can you even get quad-core AMD chips?)

    Anyhow, that graph is super.

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  3. Datto

    Could you confirm that you have dual quad-core CPUs inside your HP DL145 G3 servers? Which CPU model of quad-core CPUs do you have? Did you need a BIOS hack to get that to work with quad-core CPUs? Some of us with DL145 G3 servers haven not been able to get dual quad-core CPUs to boot with the latest BIOS in place for the DL145 G3 servers. Thanks.


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